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Fully Automated

This is the perfect example of making money while you sleep. The platform is a fully automated product meaning it does the work like selling tickets while you reap the reward. This includes all notifications to your customers, making your business easy to start and easy to run.

Unlimited Competitions

With our competition solution, you can run as many of them as you want, when you want and how you want. You've endless opportunities to increase revenue. We believe in utilizing the product for maximum return.

Countdown Timers

They are the competition business' way of saying for a limited time only/ Use this feature to show your customers the deadlines for inclusion in different draws. This boosts your conversions and makes sales.

Analytics and Insights

To ensure you get the best out of the software, you need to know your customers and how they interact with your competitions. Get the data you need to ensure optimum engagement.

Countdown Timers

Our effective onbording process means you'll know everything you need to run your raffle website effectively. If you ever require further assistance with the  platform, we are on standby to help.



If you already have a hosting site, we can easily combine our raffle software with it. If you don't, we can provide one so everything from your hosting and updates to maintenance will be on our server.

Website Content

Getting your messaging right is a key feature of reaching your target market. Our experienced copywriters can provide the text you need for your competition website to make that happen.